Jane Townson

Somerset Care at the cutting edge of innovation

Oct 10th, 2017

Jane Townson, CEO for Somerset Care, recently contributed to the ‘Big Interview’ in the Care Home Professional Journal, explaining how the leading South-West provider remains at the cutting edge of care innovation.

Somerset Care is focusing on research, innovation and the development of evidence based data in order to drive improvement in quality and efficiency of services and evidencing improvements in practice and cost savings as well as highlighting the importance of digital technology to promote the health and well being of older and disabled people.

Commenting on the use of the Well Careplus e-meds system which incorporates PCS technology, Jane said:

‘This system is ground breaking. It is not just a gadget in a care home, it is an entire system of medicines governance with daily input from a team of pharmacists who support our care homes.’

The full coverage of the ‘Big interview’ with Jane can be accessed at: